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BlueWhale Makes Technology Usable, Affordable, Scalable and Secure – Helping Enterprises Built More Resilient Solutions

We position ourselves as the collaboration solution provider for the rapidly growing companies (fast growing Startups, Small and Mid-Sized businesses) that want to make the best use of their resources and are conscious of both cost and productivity. Designed for all services and various industry domains, small structures to large companies, our solutions are efficient yet affordable alternatives to conventional & expensive business solutions in the market.

Our key objectives are to combine simplicity and realistic tools by providing supple and inexpensive solutions to business of all sizes.

In growing market, to keep our customers equally competitive and to materialize upto the market expectations, our solutions and products are improving day after day.

we feel that the benefits of technology should reach the most number of people - so making technology more accessible, useful and affordable has been central to our company mission.

Security, Dependability, High Cost, Productivity Loss, Complexities in managing the collaboration infrastructure, migrating to newer technologies are some of the challenges that enterprise face. Our strengths in handling message streams enables us to provide better security, optimize performance, ease manageability & build new capabilities for our customers

BlueWhale distinguishes itself in providing Linux based Solutions that can help substantially lower costs & improve productivity. Since its launch in 2015, the solutions has been adopted by organizations of all sizes and spread across many enterprise segment such as Healthcare, R&D Establishments, Financial Services, Education, Government, BPOs, Software, Manufacturing, Banks, Agro Industries, Logistics, Media, Internet Service Providers, Infrastructure, Media, Retail, Energy & Power, Transportation etc. Installations spanning all Major cities in India are maintained, monitored and managed remotely from Blues support center at Hyderabad.

Team has received wide recognition and acknowledgment from industry observers and customers for its work. Sincerity, frugality, quality and innovation are the fundamental drivers for value creation at BlueWhale.



Our BLUE WHALE mission is to simplify the management of IT by providing software that combines intelligent system management with the latest user experience. Delivery of exceptional value to our clients through a game changing products and business model.


To establish and maintain long term cooperation with global customers which enables customers to focus on their own core business areas with OBSS’s qualified employees and transparent and continuously improved processes.

Our Quality Policy

With the purpose of becoming a brand that sets standards in the information technologies field with its qualified human resources and solutions which provide simplicity and independency for customers

  • To give priority to the R&D works aimed to build its own software technology and standard with solutions which provide simplicity and independency
  • To provide the right software technology with the qualified employees to the customers by keeping up with the latest software technologies
  • To ensure that projects are transparent, measurable, maintainable, and providing added values to the employees and customers
  • To establish quality, long-term, and efficient cooperation with the customers who are provided services
  • To protect information assets with respect to confidentiality, integrity, and availability against all kinds of threats which may internally or externally, or intentionally or unintentionally happen
  • To create environments with the intention of improving information and skills of employees and students who are studying on software

To become an organization that aims to continuously improve itself with its process approach which is accepted and implemented by the employees, and adopts the principle of satisfied employees leads to satisfied customers View.